April 15, 2009

  • More Great News

    …if by ‘great’ we mean ‘somewhat worrying.’


    The Treasury today announced the call for redemption at par on August 15, 2009, of the
    12-1/2 % Treasury Bonds of 2009-14, originally issued August 15, 1984, due August 15, 2014
    (CUSIP No. 912810 DL 9). There are $4,388 million of these bonds outstanding, of which
    $3,381 million are held by private investors. Securities not redeemed on August 15, 2009, will
    stop earning interest.

    These bonds are being called to reduce the cost of debt financing. The 12-1/2% interest rate is
    significantly above the current cost of securing financing for the five years remaining to their
    maturity. Using current market projections, Treasury estimates gross savings from the call to be
    about $2,000 million.

    Sorry, investors. The Treasury isn’t giving you any more interest on those 12.5% 30-year bonds. You got 25 years, what are you complaining about?


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