Month: November 2008

  • Home

    Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig.

    I have checks here that the housemates slid under the door (for the internet bill) that are from June.

    Where do I live?

    Good question.

  • Where Are We? Huckabee Edition

    Republicans better hate themselves some gays or they won’t belong to the club any more.

    Mike Huckabee, campaign loser, Fox News commentator, and someone whose hand I shook once, claims that since gays haven’t been victims in their struggle for equality, their struggle for equality is over ‘different rights’ than the struggle for equality by blacks in the US.

    This line of reasoning has two flaws:

    1) If the premise about gays not being victimized were true, it would still be untrue, and…

    2) The premise is not true.

    See, if you’re a visible Republican and you lose all your elections, then you get to be on Fox News and wander around spouting crap that only makes sense in the context of justifying previous horrors, and setting the groundwork for future horrors. This is known as ‘wingnut welfare.’ The RNC or whoever pays you to keep the water of political discourse muddy.

    Basically, Huckabee is saying crap that he probably knows is crap, in order to keep stupid people from thinking it through.

    And that’s Where We Are.

    PS: Day Without A Gay.

  • Where Is Homer?

    Homer is in Deming, New Mexico. Tomorrow he will drive to Flagstaff, Arizona.

    What’s in Deming? Well, Sean, for one. Cabinetlandia, for another:

    The Library Of Cabinetlandia

  • FTE

    Forget about the election.

    It turns out that about every 8 minutes, a magnetic portal opens up which acts as a conduit for stellar materials to slurp on over to Earth.

  • Babylon

    I like this guy, talking about the economic meltdown in terms of a water pump he got for US$30:

    But as much as you will hear about bad lending practices and lack of oversight, those things are the occasion of the problem and not its cause.

    To discover the cause you’d need to come with me to the Center of the Universe. That’s what we call the center of our garden because in a very real sense it is the center of our universe. I took someone visiting our farmstead there and showed them the pump perhaps hoping they would understand the lesson it had to offer. One investment of $30 and there would be a couple of centuries of water for the garden with just a little bit of effort, not much more than shaking hands with the pump really. This visitor regarded the pump for a while and then remarked, “You know, you could put a motor on that.”

    I closed my eyes and sighed the sigh that comes unbidden when one unveils a profound mystery of the universe to someone who can only blink and stare. It was as if I had shown him the rarest rose of the garden and he’d said, “You know, you could paint that a different color.”

    He’s been writing the ‘blog since 2005. He has two other ‘blogs, as well.

    Into the RSS reader with you!

  • The Big O

    Ad I saw in a web site sidebar:


    Dude’s attractive, but…. Uhm…. Isn’t he kinda married?